Your personal CreatorKit contains everything you need


Brands love to get to know your personality and how you perfectly match their products. Emphasize your strengths in a short description about you and your work..


There is no one else who knows your audience better than you. Tell your advertising partners about your community and show them how successful their campaign would be with you.


The latest statistics of your channel let your advertising partners know, how active you and your community are. Show them your success!


Offer your partners different possibilities to cooperate with you. Product test, raffles or stories – point out your professionalism and increase your chance for the deal!


You have already cooperated successfully with advertising partners? Great! Present them in your Hall of Fame.

Contact Details

Advertising partners want to get in touch with you very easily. Give them various possibilities to reach you and to stay in contact.

The CreatorKit helps you to become more professional and to cooperate with brands more effectively. Start now for free!

Take the next step of professionalism

Instant download

Use your CreatorKit instantly whenever you need it. Just download it as a PDF document and forward it to everyone who needs your latest data.

Your data is always up to date

With every new download of your CreatorKit you get the latest data and statistics of your channels.

It's totally free

Signing up and using the CreatorKit is totally free for you. We will never charge you for this service.

No graphic skills needed

You’ll get your own CreatorKit in a cool design – no graphic skills needed, no annoying pixel troubles.

1. Click

Sign up for free and just connect your social media profiles (e.g. YouTube) with CreatorKit.

2. Connect

We collect the data and put them automatically into your always up-to-date CreatorKit.

3. Customize

Customize your CreatorKit with your individual texts and images. Point out your personality!

4. CreatorKit

Simply download and email your CreatorKit to your advertising and business partner.


How to create a media kit?

It’s much easier to create your own media kit with CreatorKit than build your own in Word, InDesign or other desktop tools. Just create an account for free, connect you social networks, add some personal informations. That’s all. To forward your media kit to a business partner, just download the PDF an email it.

What is a media kit?

A media kit is a document which represents everything about your work as a creator – your personality, passion and facts about your social media channels. With a media kit you are showing your potential advertising partners the most important informations at a glance. It helps them to decide fast and easily that you perfectly match their campaign.

How do I benefit as a creator from a media kit?

You would love to make money with your passion as a creator? So you need a media kit! A media kit is your showcase when it comes to deals with advertising partners. Imagine it as a CV in your application. It makes your communication with brands more effective and saves you time-consuming explanations via mail. With a well-designed media kit you are showing how professional you are which increases your chances for a deal.

How do I get my updated CreatorKit?

After you have signed in to your account and you have completed all your data, just click on the button “Download Media Kit” and you will get your updated document as PDF. Your statistics will be updated each time when you download your CreatorKit. All individual information will remain how you have saved them.

Will the service of the CreatorKit remain for free?

Yes, we guarantee you that the registration and usage of the CreatorKit will remain free for you.

Do I have to design my CreatorKit on my own?

You don’t need any graphic skills for your CreatorKit. Your data will be arranged in a cool design which fits to the topic of your channel. All you have to do is adding some own pictures and a description of your channel to give it your individual style.

What statistics does my CreatorKit contain?

It depends on which platforms you are connecting with your CreatorKit. If you connect YouTube for example, your CreatorKit contains your subscribers, total views, views of the last 30 days as well as information about your audience like age and gender.

How can I edit my CreatorKit?

You can edit your CreatorKit at any time you would like to. Just sign in to your account and go ahead.

Who has access to my data?

We promise you that we won’t forward your data to any unauthorized third parties. We only enable advertising partners to ask for your media kit who are interested in a cooperation with you.

How can I terminate my cooperation with Creatorkit?

Of course we would be very sorry to see you go. Should you be unhappy with our media kit service in any case please feel free to contact us – we take your problems and ideas seriously.

In case you still decide to terminate your cooperation with CreatorKit, you can easily delete your profile and any of your data from our system. Needless to say that you are always welcome to return to Creatorkit and to create a new profile for free.


Your passion as a creator should pay off!

A media kit helps you to increase your chance for an advertising deal and to raise your revenues. The document enables advertising partners to get to know your personality and success of your channel at a glance. Thus, you are showing your professionalism which makes them easier to decide that you perfectly match their campaign.

It’s the easiest and fastest method to create your media kit with a template – a such called media kit template. Creator Kit offers you a couple of templates for media kits for different genres. You can create a media kit for your channel in fashion, beauty, gaming, lets play, DIY, sports and many other categories.

CreatorKit is your tool to create your individual media kit very quickly and with always up-to-date statistics.